Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Information

  • Abstracts may be submitted for oral or poster presentations and will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.
  • Depending on the content and number of submissions, the Committee reserves the right to propose a poster presentation to a submitted oral presentation.
  • Submissions are limited to 1 oral presentation and 2 posters per delegate.

Oral Presentations Guidelines
The oral presentation should not exceed 15 minutes (+5 for audience questions) and will be hosted by the Chairperson/Keynote Speaker for that session.

Poster Presentation Guidelines:
The poster should be printed in A0 format in portrait orientation.

 Please note that the abstract submission is separate from the registration process.

The deadline for abstract submissions is the 15th of June.

To allow a better insight on what panel to submit your works to, the following topics have been defined for this conference:

1 – Biodeterioration

Topics related to the analysis of biodeteriorating organisms and their degradation mechanisms on cultural heritage materials.
Specific case studies related to the biodeterioration of materials such as books, paintings, sculptures, stone, murals, photographs, maps, textiles, wood, tiles, stained glass and fossilized bones will be the heart of this panel. Nonetheless, studies on submerged cultural heritage materials are also welcome to this topic.

KEYNOTES: Ana Miller and Christine Gaylarde


2 – New Trends and Methodologies

Topics related to the techniques applied to study biodeterioration phenomena affecting cultural heritage materials.
The current knowledge and the rise of new trends and methods in molecular biology, microscopy, detection of biomolecules, morphological analysis and metabolomic profiling applied to the study of cultural heritage deterioration are the main concerns of this panel.

KEYNOTES: Guadalupe Piñar and Flavia Pinzari


3 – Treatment

Topics related to the techniques applied to treat, ameliorate and prevent biodeterioration in cultural heritage materials.
The application of green and chemical biocides, nanoparticles, bioconsolidation treatments, biocleaning, physical and laser restoration approaches, encompass the main focus of this panel. Bio-burden or environmental risks analysis and control are also covered by this topic. Lastly, the fundamental questions of the advantages and disadvantages associated with the application of each treatment would also be taken into consideration.

KEYNOTES: Patrícia Sanmartín and Domenico Pangallo


4 – Conservation Policies and Entrepreneurship

Topics related to conservation policies applied to protect cultural heritage materials worldwide, but also the opportunities arising for public and private enterprises concerning biodeterioration prevention, treatment, and social awareness. Proposed or established biological and environmental monitoring conservation policies, the link between biological sciences and restoration sciences, entrepreneurship, and scientific divulgation are the bulk of this panel.

KEYNOTES: Thomas Warscheid and Katja Sterflinger

Special Issue of “International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation”

We are delighted to inform that Participants of the conference will have the opportunity to a submit full-text research paper related to their presentations for publication in a special issue of International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation.

More information on this topic will be provided soon.

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