Scientific Committee

University of Coimbra – Faculty of Sciences and Technology

António Portugal, Centre for Functional Ecology
Nuno Mesquita, Centre for Functional Ecology
Catarina Pinheiro, Centre for Functional Ecology
Francisco Gil, FCTUC – CFisUC and QFM-UC
Lídia Gil Catarino, Geosciences Center
João Trovão, Centre for Functional Ecology
Fabiana Soares, Centre for Functional Ecology
Joana Costa, Centre for Functional Ecology
Igor Tiago, Centre for Functional Ecology

Nova University of Lisbon

Filomena Macedo Dinis, Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal
Sílvia Sequeira, Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal

IBBS Council

Brenda Little, 
IBBS President
John Gillatt, Immediate Past IBBS President
Christine Gaylarde, IBBS Honorary Secretary, Oklahoma University, USA
Flavia Pinzari, IBBS Coopted Council Member, Natural History Museum of London
Asunción de los Ríos, IBBS Joint Scientific Programme Officer, The National Museum of Natural Sciences, Madrid
Ana M. García, IBBS Joint Scientific Programme Officer, Politécnica de Madrid

Organizing Committee

University of Coimbra

António Portugal
Nuno Mesquita
Catarina Pinheiro
João Trovão
Fabiana Soares
Hugo Paiva de Carvalho
Francisco Gil
Lídia Gil Catarino
Igor Tiago
Joana Costa
Catarina Coelho
Henrique Azevedo Pereira
Miguel Ferreira

Machado de Castro National Museum

Virgínia Gomes

Nova University of Lisbon

Maria Filomena Macedo Dinis
Sílvia Sequeira